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Written by Derek   
Wednesday, 12 May 2010 14:45

My broadband went down recently due to a problem at the telephone exchange and I was off line for over 24 hours and I wish I had set up my PC or laptop to connect to the internet via my blackberry. This is how to do it.

Download and install Destop Manager from  This also installs the modem driver.

  1. Connect Your BlackBerry
    Connect BlackBerry to Laptop using USB Cable and launch BlackBerry Desktop.  This is necessary for using the BlackBerry as an external modem.
  2. Verify The Modem Driver Is Functioning
    Go to Control Panel -> Phone & Modem Options. In the Modems tab, you should see a new Standard Modem on a new port (COM3, or COM11 etc). Click Properties -> Diagnostics -> Query Modem. You should see the following:Quote:
    ATQ0V1E0 - OK
    AT+GMM - BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI1 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI2 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI3 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI4 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI5 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI6 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI7 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem

    Click Properties -> Advanced. Add only ONE of the following Extra initialization commands with the appropriate carrier-specific APN Setting:
    • For Vista users only: Under Control Panel>Phone and Modem>Properties on the General Tab, click "Change Settings". After giving Administrator approval, click the Advanced tab. There, enter the appropriate APN settings for your Vodafone. Click here for other carriers.


    Add A New Internet Connection
    Close the Phone and Modem Options and the Control Panel.
    For XP: Create a new connection with Start -> Connect To -> Show all connections -> Create a new connection.
    1. Click Next
    2. Select "Connect To The Internet" then Next
    3. Select "Set up my connection manually" then Next
    4. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" then Next.
For Vista: Create a new connection with Start -> Connect To ->
1. Set up a connection or network
2. Choose a connection option: Click on "Connect to the Internet (Set up a wireless, broadband, or dial-up connection to the Internet."
3. You are already connected to the Internet - Click on "Set up a new connection anyway"
4. At "How do you want to connect?" Click on "Dial-up"5. Check only the Standard Modem (if prompted).
6. Give the connection a name such as "BlackBerry Modem", then Next.
7. On the next screen, pick one of the following phone numbers, depending on your carrier:
....If you use GSM/Cingular/AT&T/TMobile/SwissCom: Enter phone number *99#
....If you use iDEN/Nextel/Telus: Enter phone number S=2
....If you use CDMA/Verizon/Sprint/Bell Canada: Enter phone number #777
8. Click Next.
9. On the next screen, pick one of the following, depending on your carrier:
.... Click here for other carriers
.........Username: (blank)
.........Password: (blank)
10. Clear all checkboxes ("Use...when anyone..." and "Make this the default...")
11. Click Finish
  1. Disable IP Header Compression (*Vista users, see the note below)
    Make sure TCP/IP Properties (Advanced) "Use IP Header Compression" checkbox is NOT checked. To verify this, do these steps:
    1. Start Menu->Network Connections->"BlackBerry Modem"
    2. Click Properties Button
    3. Click Networking Tab
    4. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"
    5. Click Properties Button
    6. Click Advanced... Button
    7. Disable "Use IP header compression" checkbox
    8. Click all OK buttons to close all dialogs
    Also make sure you clear all these checkboxes, if you see any of these checked:

    Turn off "Enable Hardware Flow Control"
    Turn off "Enable Modem Error Control"
    Turn off "Enable Modem Compression"

    • For Vista users only: Under the Network and Sharing Center, click "Manage Network Connections". When the Network Connections screen is visible, you should have the Blackberry Modem connection you created. Right click the Blackberry Modem and select "Properties". Under the Properties screen on the General tab, select the "Configure" button. Ensure that ALL check boxes are unchecked. Select "OK" to exit the screen. Under the Networking tab, select the properties for the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPV4). On the Properties screen, select the "Advanced" button. Ensure that "Use IP Header Compression" is unchecked. Select OK to exit the screen.


  2. BES Configuration
    Skip this step if you are not on BES. You only need to follow this step if your company gave the BlackBerry to you. If you are at a company and you are on a BES 4.0, your Administrator must enable the "BlackBerry IPModem" setting on the BES. This is a new setting in the Version 4.0 of BES.
  3. Surf On The Laptop!
    Connect to the Internet on the laptop by clicking the "BlackBerry Modem" icon via Start Menu->Network Connections. No username or password is needed.
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